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Monday, 24 November 2008

Another Special Wedding...September

Our much loved Samantha Elizabeth Danson (nee Avent)...

Let's start with the Mother of the Bride. A very proud and beautiful Marty Avent. Of course accompanied by the dashing Steve.

The gorgeous Bride and her dashing escort - Father Brian.

A year later???

Oh my gosh! Where did a year go???? Well, Pablo Jean has had another birthday and this past year has flown by... I've forgotten far too much to tell you except that I think I work too hard. Here's a few piccies to show off the highlights of my year... July... Beautiful Jessica's wedding...

Saturday, 24 November 2007

PabloJeans Blurday

Hey Ho Fiddly Dee,
PabloJean turned 51 yesterday.

Caitlin & Jackson decorated the front porch and dug out, party hats, whistles, bubble blowers and poppers. A good time was had by all!!!

I found a Sticky Date Pudding Birthday cake - with a side dish of caramel sauce mmm mmm mmm. Father was veeeeery impressed. His favourite dessert as his birthday cake - What could be better than that *G*

Trixiebelle joined in the festivities... not having any cake as she is still on a diet but she managed to keep her hat on for a good 10 minutes. Actually, I think it took that amount of time for her to realise that she was wearing one LOL.

Here's the piccies... ... ...